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Janet Bonney

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Cathy Jorgenson

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Chris Mulcahy

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Susan Dull

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Dave Atchley

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About River & Oaks Sky Realty

We are so glad that you have visited the Rivers & Oaks website and hope that you will explore a little bit. We have attempted to create a space where clients can access information about what is going on in their communities, and future clients can learn about the region and the current market in areas of Austin and the Texas Hill Country.

Time is so precious in our busy world these days. That is why we feel so deeply that simply planting a ‘for sale’ sign in a front yard, or taking a client by a home they wish to view is really only the very ‘tip of the iceberg’. We want to arm our clients with all of the relevant information to assist them in making a good decision about their real estate choices and bringing a deal to a successful and satisfactory conclusion.

What we strive to bring to each of our clients is access to my deep knowledge of the real estate market, real estate principles, and a commitment to work very hard to identify and service my clients’ real estate needs completely. A very valuable distinction that we believe we can offer our clients is Stacy’s many years of experience as a real estate appraiser in Central Texas. This informs her examination of properties and evaluation of market value and potentials. Further, she has substantial experience in remodeling homes as well, and this provides me with an excellent working knowledge of issues in a home which may present a problem, or which can be capitalized upon to market and sell a property more efficiently. We work as a Team here at Rivers & Oaks Realty so all our agents and brokers are available to help you and yours through out your real estate transaction.

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